Advanced Excel Business Solutions


Microsoft Excel is the World’s premier spreadsheet software. We use Excel to analyze numbers, keep track of data, and graphically represent our information. It is used for validating and maintaining item information and analyzing variances. We also use Excel to store quantitative data and to perform accurate and rapid calculations with results ranging from simple budgets to financial and statistical analysis.

Anas got inspired by the Microsoft Excel Guru Haider Tuaima through customizing a unique and in-depth ِِِِAdvanced Microsoft Excel Business Solution, which takes its participants through three phases; the collection phase, the processing phase, and the reporting phase. It covers the journey from understanding data import, data validation, and data cleansing to database manipulation, calculation, lookups, database functions, pivot tables, and finally presenting and outputting the results, including worksheet formatting, chart creation, chart editing and exporting information to other applications.

The Advanced Excel Business Solutions Sessions utilize real-life worksheets containing many day-to-day challenges to be resolved. In essence, participants  bring their own non-confidential worksheets to us to share their challenges and find solutions.

Advanced Excel Business Solutions Sessions

  • Intro Refresher: Performing Calculations
    • Selecting and Naming Ranges
    • Using AutoCalculate
    • Using Functions and Formulas
    • Using AutoSum and AutoFill
    • Using Date & Time Functions
    • Using Text Functions
    • Using IF Function
  • Managing Workbook Information
      • Understanding Relative, Absolute, and Mixed Formulas
      • Creating Absolute and Mixed References
  • Working with Multiple Worksheets and Workbooks
    • Working Across Worksheets and Workbooks
    • Working with Multiple Sheet Formulas
    • Consolidating Information
    • Linking Information Between Workbooks
  • Working with Data in Lists
    • Understanding Data Lists
    • Sorting Data
    • Creating and Removing Subtotals
    • Using Data Validation
      • Restricting Cells to Numbers, Dates, or Times
      • Restricting Cells to a List of Values
  • Filtering Data
    • Filtering Data
      • Using AutoFilter and Removing AutoFilter
      • Working with Filtered Data
      • Creating a Custom AutoFilter
      • Filtering with a Single Comparison Criterion
      • Filtering with Two Comparison Criteria
    • Working with the Advanced Filter
      • Setting Up the Criteria Range
      • Examples of Criteria Ranges
      • Filtering Data with the Advanced Filter
      • Displaying All Data
  • Using Lookup and Database Functions
    • Looking Up Values in a Table
    • Working with Database Functions
      • Counting the Occurrences of a Value
      • Finding the Sum & Average of Specific Records
  • Working with PivotTables
    • Creating PivotTables
    • Editing PivotTables
      • Updating Information in a PivotTable
      • Adding Fields to a PivotTable
      • Removing Fields from a PivotTable
      • Changing the Layout of a PivotTable
      • Selecting PivotTable Data
    • Modifying PivotTables
      • Grouping PivotTable Data
      • Hiding and Showing Source Details
      • Understanding Calculated Fields
      • Adding Page Fields
      • Displaying a Specific Page
      • Displaying Page Fields on Separate Sheets
  • Modifying Chart Options
    • Modifying Titles and Labels
    • Modifying Axes, Gridlines, and Legends
    • Working with Data Tables
    • Changing the Data Range
    • Working with Data Series
  • Using Handy Features: FlashFill, Slicer & Sparklines
  • Auditing Worksheets
  • Protecting Worksheets & Workbooks
  • Recording Macros for Tasks Automation
  • Summarizing Data Using Dashboards

Advanced Excel Business Solutions Successfully Delivered to:





  • It was a whole new experience on various matters discussed. Will recommend the consultant for any known requirements in the field.
  • Very Informative, Interactive, Definitely the Covered Topics I can use in My Daily Work
  • A great Consultant he is! Well done Anas!

What was the most useful part of the Business Solution?

  • Ctrl + E; Almost Everything
  • Almost all aspects were very useful
  • Well prepared Excel sheets
  • Data Validation, Pivot Charts/Tables etc.
  • VLookup and so many other Excel Options, Shortcuts & Tricks
  • IF, OR, AND Parts
  • It was a whole new experience on various matters discussed. Will recommend the Consultant.
  • Pivot Tables, Macros
  • Consolidating/Summarizing Data, Creating Reports & Dashboards from Data

Upcoming Consultation / Training Sessions:

  •  Dates: Upon Request
  •  Including: Consultant-led Customized Excel Business Solutions, Material, Lunch & Beverages
  •  Location: Sheikh Zayed Road, World Trade Center District, Saeed Tower II , Dubai, UAE
  •  Company: JPP Management Consultants LLC, Dubai, UAE

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